How to Make Your Own Bass Jig Skirt

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Building your own bass jig skirt can be a great option if you’re a bass angler looking for an advantage on the water or something to make your fishing a little bit better. In this video, professional lure maker John Martin of TrueSouth Custom Lures walks us through how to create a bass jig skirt that matches the color of your crawfish in your favorite lake or just something different than everybody else is throwing. With a selection of skirt tabs and all the stuff out there now, it’s easy to match up exactly what you’re looking at in your local water.

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One of the favorite jig colors in the South is green pumpkin with a little bit of orange in it. In this tutorial, you’ll see how to build a bass jig skirt with two complete tabs and then a half tab of orange and brown. Once you’ve made your skirt, insert the hook into the collar, push it over, and even out the skirt all the way around. Finally, trim a little bit of it off to make it even.

You can always vary the amount of green pumpkin and add some brown or darker colors to darken up your selection. If you want to spice it up, add a few accent colors like red, orange, purple, or blue. The possibilities are endless when making your own bass jig skirts, and there’s nothing like the feeling of catching a good fish on your own creation.

To build your own bass jig skirt, you only need a selection of skirt tabs, a skirt tool, and a little creativity. By matching the color of your jig to the hatch in your favorite lake, you can increase your chances of catching more fish and having a great time on the water. So, get creative, experiment with different color combinations, and build custom bass jig skirts.