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Ned Rig Bass on Bridges with Gerald Swindle

Beat the late summer heat with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Gerald Swindle as he takes us to the bridge to catch bass others typically overlook. Whether you’re in “Spain, Maine, or Spokane”, bridges provide the perfect fishing haven when the sun is scorching. Join GMAN as he shares his tried-and-true Ned rig bass fishing strategy for successful bridge fishing.

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When the temperatures soar, bridges offer much-needed relief with their ample shade. The shade of a bridge is not just useful for people, but a wide variety of fish as well! As Swindle states, there are ALWAYS fish around a bridge, and he knows the secret of using these structures to his advantage.


Bridge fishing isn’t just about finding shade; it’s about understanding the changing dynamics.
Head to the front of the bridge, where the strongest current often holds bass. Understanding current is a game-changer in bridge fishing. Swindle demonstrates how bass strategically position themselves in relation to the bridge’s structure and water flow. GMAN encourages you to see beyond the concrete columns when you approach a bridge. Bridges offer shade lines, breaks, and shifting shadows that influence bass behavior. Bass are able to use the shade as a way of ambushing bait during the brightest times of the day. Take the time to observe and understand these nuances for a more successful fishing experience.


There are several effective techniques to catch bass on bridges, but Swindle opts to go the finesse route. A Ned rig equipped with a homemade spinner on the back is a unique presentation not many bass have seen by this time of year. GMAN highlights the importance of letting the bait sink and work for you on the fall as that spinner flashes on the way down. He explains how bass behavior varies with depth and presentation throughout the year. Be prepared to adjust your approach to maximize your success.