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Humminbird MEGA Live | Kevin VanDam’s Preferred Settings

Humminbird MEGA Live | Kevin VanDam’s Preferred Settings

If you’ve invested in Humminbird’s MEGA Live forward-facing sonar or are considering it, this video is for you. Kevin VanDam walks us through his full MEGA Live settings. He explains how he adjusts based on the situation, such as where you want to look, the depth, and the amount of detail desired.

He and other pros such as Ott DeFoe have been putting MEGA Live to good use in a variety of situations, especially so when targeting bass suspended off of the bottom.

KVD covers the following settings (in order):

  1. MEGA Live Mode.
  2. Forward Display Mode.
  3. Sensitivity.
  4. Contrast.
  5. Dynamic Contrast.
  6. Forward Range.
  7. Down Range.

Lastly, he pulls his boat from the water and explains how to adjust the transducer in 10-degree increments, starting in Down Mode (0-degrees).