How to Catch Bass with Wake Baits Around Grass

Part crankbait and topwater lure, wake baits are fairly weedless when fished correctly. As a result, they’re one of John Cox’s favorite baits for combing expansive grass flats for active bass. Cox explains the basics of fishing wake baits over mixed-grass flats, areas typically targeted with prop baits or flipping and pitching tactics.


Designed to be fished with a straight retrieve, Cox uses a faster retrieve in open water and slows down when working wake baits around prime targets like isolated grass clumps and wood. The combination of speed, surface disturbance, and sound in rattling versions imitate fleeing food that, taken together, calls bass from a distance and triggers vicious strikes.

Cox recommends using a rod 7-foot 6-inches or longer for steering the bait through pockets and down lanes in the grass. At the same time, braid delivers much-needed strength and abrasion resistance for controlling fish around heavy cover.

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