Lipless Crankbait Fishing Ditches for Prespawn Bass

Bass fishing can be inconsistent during the prespawn, especially when cold fronts hit. Florida bass fishing hammer Tyler Woolcott explains where to find bass during prespawn cold fronts and how to fish lipless crankbaits to dredge them up.

Cooling air temps and high-pressure drive bass from the shallows into deeper ditches on shallow lakes, reservoir creek arms, and rivers. Woolcott lands on a good school of quality bass in a ditch complex that drains expansive prespawn flats. A lipless crankbait is the perfect lure for working the deeper water.

Woolcott employs a yo-yo retrieve, ripping grass on the upswing and generating the bulk of the bites on the fall. A long rod with a moderate taper is ideal for achieving long casts, clearing grass from the lure, and providing better leverage for solid hookups.

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