How to Find Spring Bass on Moving Baits

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Join Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine and Nick Dumke in this exciting springtime bass fishing adventure in the northern backwoods. As the pre-spawn window narrows, the guys take advantage of the limited time before fish hit the beds. Covering water with vibrant moving baits, DeChaine and Dumke shake the rust off with tons of hooksets and laughter while showing how to find and catch spring bass.

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DeChaine’s Setup
Dumke’s Setup

As fish head to the bank in the spring, any available cover can be the perfect ambush point for a bass. Structure such as lilypads, bank grass, and laydowns are key casting targets. The guys emphasize the significance of water temperature and finding the warmest areas where baitfish gather. These prime spots teem with bass, providing an excellent opportunity for continuous casting and catching.

During this outing, DeChaine and Dumke explore various moving bait options. Locking in lures such as spinnerbaits and chatterbaits allows the guys to track down groups of bass with efficiency. Loud profiles like these provide flash and vibration that aids the fish in locating the bait in dark, boggy waters.

Simplicity is the name of the game in the spring, which also goes for gear and equipment. Putting the trolling motor in the water and covering ground is most crucial. Within the video, DeChaine mentions a new survey by the Minnesota DNR, which proposes an expansion of the Catch and Release season for bass fishing, offering increased opportunities for anglers. Minnesota anglers are encouraged to participate in the survey, supporting the potential expansion of the catch and release season and ensuring the preservation of largemouth and smallmouth bass populations. With these tips you will have a greater understanding of how to find and catch spring bass.

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