Easy Carolina Rig Tweak for More Sound and Bass

Bass anglers still rely heavily on the old-school Carolina rig to generate bites. Why? Much like the Texas rig, it just works. Bass can’t resist a soft plastic bait slithering across the bottom, but the sound generated from the weight(s) is also a key component. Kelly Jordan shares a quick and easy Carolina rigging tip focused on making more noise by adding additional tungsten barrel weights to his setup.


Scuba divers have repeatedly shown that the clicking of 2 rocks together quickly draws curious bass to the scene. The same holds with a couple of tungsten weights. More sound has the potential to draw bass from further away and arrive where a meal awaits.

While not known as a search lure, a noisy Carolina rig can function as one on known fish-holding structure where bass are spread out across the bottom and not readily apparent on any sonar technology. Use this tip to bring the mice to the trap the next time you’re struggling for a bite.

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