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2 Proven Ned Rig Jig Heads and When to Use

When it comes to successful Ned Rig fishing, understanding the significance of the head size and shape is essential. In this video, Johnathan Dietz shares his expertise on choosing the perfect Ned Rig jig head based on your fishing environment.

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Dietz emphasizes head size and shape’s important role, especially concerning the depth you’re fishing in. When fishing shallow water, he prefers a mushroom-style tungsten head with a quality keeper. The TroKar Tungsten Pro-V Finesse Jig Head’s unique shape excels at hooking the fish deeply and keeping them buttoned. A 10th-ounce jig is Dietz’s go-to in shallow water, providing a slow descent.

However, when the depths increase, especially in locations like Lake Erie, where you might be fishing in 40-50 feet of water, Dietz chooses a heavier football-style jig head. The head design, coupled with increased weight, delivers a superior bottom feel and covers deeper sections effectively.

His fishing strategy adapts to the environment as well. Dietz prefers to drag the bait in deeper waters, where the football head excels. Conversely, in shallow waters, a hopping motion is more effective. Lastly, he shares his go-to rod, reel, and line setup for Ned rig fishing. Check out Dietz’s in-depth video featuring his Top 3 Finesse Bass Baits and how to fish them.