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Best Lures for Spotted Bass | Rivers and Herring Lakes

Spotted bass are Wes Logan’s favorite bass species due to some of their unique biology, which brings about distinctive behaviors. Logan’s deep understanding of this species’ biology sets the foundation for successful angling. He highlights some distinct behaviors of these bass, emphasizing the uniqueness of spotted bass vs largemouth and smallmouth cousins. Logan narrows spotted bass fisheries into two distinct groups: nomadic herring lake spotted bass and river-oriented ones that thrive in current. Regardless of which group, a narrow selection of lures catches spots anywhere they swim.

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Different environments and spotted bass types necessitate an array of baits. Logan explains the contrast in approach, with herring fish responding more to reaction baits, while river types favor jigs and square bills due to their shallower habitats.


Among the go-to baits for spotted bass, Logan prioritizes the Ned rig. Unlike the ultra-small Ned rigs used in some fisheries, Logan prefers a bigger Ned plastic paired with a longer hook shank for more action and better hookup ratios. The longer jig shank centers the hook in the bait, which reduces short strikes. The beauty of the Ned rig is that it catches bass from 12 inches to 4-5 pounds. Check out Ned Kehde’s 21 Ned Rig Bass for Bass Fishing for more excellent setups.


The drop shot rig reigns supreme, especially standing timber of herring lakes and steep bluff walls. Logan prefers a heavier sinker for the quick drops required to intercept roaming spotted bass. The rig’s versatility, paired with a Trick Worm and a weedless rigged configuration simply gets bit.


Finally, the jerkbait stands out as the prime reaction bait. Logan notes his preference for notes of chartreuse in the bait color. The chartreuse triggers an aggressive response from spotted bass. And soft jerkbaits have such as the iconic Zoom fluke have long excelled for schooling bass on herring fisheries. Ideal for both stained and clear water, it’s the perfect lure for covering water quickly and triggering bites.

Logan’s essential lure list for spotted bass aims to simplify your lure lineup and will get you bites no matter the spotted bass fishery.

SPINNING ROD SETUP (Ned and drop shot)
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