How to Predict and Catch Open Water Schooling Bass

Ideas vary on how to fish for and catch open water schooling bass, especially spotted bass. One might ask if there is any rhyme or reason to when and where these bass show up. Or is it as random as we think on clear water lakes.

Professional angler Casey Ashley has spent a lot of time out in open water targeting and catching spotted bass, and proves that you can actually predict where these fish will school and more importantly bite your lures. Ashley has grown accustom to fishing lakes that have blueback herring in them where bass are often very nomadic, roaming all over the lake on bait.

When finding these fish, a good pair of polarized sunglasses can be your best weapon as bass can be seen herding bait balls under the surface. Ashley admits these bass are not the easiest to catch, but if their is some sort of cover that they relate to nearby, you can often predict where the strikes will come from.

Ashley uses underspins, soft jerkbaits and walking topwaters to coax open water schooling bass to bite in this very informative video.


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