Advanced ChatterBait and Swim Jig Fishing for Summer Bass

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Wired2fish caught up with Kyle Welcher on a summer bass fishing trip on Alabama’s North Coosa River. He showcases the effectiveness of swim jigs and ChatterBaits in shallow water when most are hunting offshore bass. Welcher discusses when, how, and where to use this 2-pronged approach and the importance of the right rod setup.

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Welcher starts with a white swim jig and a flapping trailer – an excellent shad and bluegill imitator. It’s incredibly versatile, able to be cast atop grass, into woods, and under docks with minimal fowling. Likewise, a bladed jig is an excellent complementary bait and excels around hard cover like wood and dock posts.

He alternates between these two lures to fish cover as efficiently as possible, each serving a different purpose. While the swim jig easily navigates heavy cover, the ChatterBait flat-out triggers reaction bites in wide-ranging scenarios.

Welcher catches several quality bass throughout the video, demonstrating the effectiveness of his strategy. He stresses the importance of having the right rod setup when fishing ChatterBaits. A sensitive rod paired with a softer tip that transitions to a solid backbone ensures a better hookup ratio but with the power to control bass around cover.

Welcher elaborates on his choice of rods, reels, and lines for each setup. He uses a 13 Fishing MUSE Black rod for the vibrating jig, and a 6.8:1 gear ratio casting reel spooled with 20-pound fluorocarbon. He opts for a powerful 7’1” medium-heavy MUSE Black rod, and a faster 8.3:1 casting reel spooled with a 50-pound braid for the swim jig.

Lastly, Welcher provides valuable insights into how environmental conditions influence his bass fishing strategies. He explains how overcast and windy conditions are ideal for shallow fishing with a swim jig and ChatterBait, as bass will remain shallow throughout the day.

This video is a treasure trove of fishing knowledge, perfect for novices and seasoned anglers looking to improve their summer bass game.



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