A Look at DD26 Transom Savers and Steering Locks

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While Jason Sealock wrote a thorough DD26 Mean Mount and Mean Stops Review, Wired2fish’s Ryan DeChaine seeks to add video context of his use of similar DD26 outboard transom saver and steering lock products (Mercury versions). Trailering a boat with an unsupported engine can cause preventable wear and tear. DeChaine combats this with a few specific tools to secure the outboard in place to preserve the integrity of the motor itself, hydraulics, and the boat transom. 


Most commonly, transom savers reinforce the connection between your boat and the mounting bracket. Their primary role is to provide stability to the entire setup, a benefit when trailering and faced with potential obstacles like potholes or railroad grades. DeChaine showcases the DD26 Fishing Mean Mount Motor Tote, an aluminum, color-matched accessory made specifically for Mercury four-stroke engines (available in Yamaha and Suzuki, too). With its all-welded construction and heavy-duty rubber bumpers, the Mean Mount Motor Tote provides significant engine and hydraulic protection, simultaneously reducing stress on the transom.


The second accessory highlighted is the motor aligner or steering lock. These devices maintain a straight engine alignment while trailering. DeChaine explains that the DD26 Fishing Generation 2 Mean Stops Steering Locks fit a wide range of steering rod sizes and, similar to the motor tote, match the engine color. Maintaining alignment improves aerodynamics, minimizes residue on your cowl, and turns everything into a solid, unified piece, thereby reducing wear and tear.