A Better Way to Fish Grass with the Strike King Hybrid Hunter

One of the hotly anticipated lures of ICAST 2020 is the Strike King Hybrid Hunter developed with Todd Castledine who has been fishing with a version of it for 12 years. He was finally able to create the version with Strike King over the last two years and they have perfected the balance and action of this unique lure that is part crankbait, part lipless bait, part swimbait and part jerkbait.

While the Hybrid Hunter will work on rocks and wood, where it really shows out is fishing on submerged grass beds. Castledine has already landed a 12 pound, 6-ounce bass on the Hybrid Hunter while the in the testing phases on Toledo Bend. So he has a long history with how to fish this bait and why it might be a better option for fishing grass than any other hardbait or fishing lure period out there today.

Castledine talks reading and covering water and grass, how to work the bait effortlessly, how the bass react to this lure and a whole bunch more that will help your grass fishing regardless of what you choose. This is a fish packed lesson on fishing grass a lot more efficiently with a hot new lure.

Fishing Tackle Used:

For the gear heads out there, check out Castledine’s detailed history on how this lure came to the US and came to be, knockoffs, Strike King’s version and more on his YouTube channel here.

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