Why a Jig is the Most Versatile Bass Lure

Ott DeFoe considers the skirted bass jig the most versatile lure in his tackle box. Consider this, Ott finished in the top 10 for points during the 2017 Bassmaster Elite Series season and weighed bass on a jig in all but one of the tournaments. 

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A jig fishes equally well when fished vertically around heavy cover as it does horizontal through scattered grass. Regardless of the cover, Ott stresses the triggering power of letting a jig fall vertically upon contact with the water. The fall rate can be quickly adjusted by changing jig weight, with a 1/2-ounce being Ott’s all-around favorite. 

A jig seamlessly transitions into an effective horizontal bait during the shad spawn or other times bass are on a horizontal chew. It fishes cleaner through scattered submergent vegetation than a spinnerbait or bladed jig while appearing more natural. These attributes combine to make it a great clear water option. Ott’s final guidance – dedicate time to mastering a jig and let the fish tell you what type of retrieve they want. 

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