Tietje Signs with Bayou Rum

Bayou Rum is expanding across the southeast USA and will be sponsoring Elite Series pro Dennis Tietje. He will be driving his Bayou Rum-wrapped truck to all the events.

“Fishing and hunting are special pastimes to all of us at the Bayou Rum Distillery,” said Trey Litel, president of Louisiana Spirits LLC. “We are excited to have Dennis Tietje out there impressing fisherman and fishing fans with his awesome smile and his Bayou Rum truck. We believe he represents the Louisiana spirit we love–it’s about living life to its fullest and having some fun along the way. He will help us increase our brand awareness among fun-loving outdoorsmen. We wish him all the luck and hopes he catches some winners this year!”

“It’s awesome for me to be able to partner with a Louisiana company that showcases the love of life here in South Louisiana,” Tietje said. “Not only do we have the best food, now we can help introduce the rest of the country to the best rum.”

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