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How to Fish Texas Rig Worms for Bass

The Texas rig has likely caught more bass than any other lure, yet we commonly bypass it to fish with newer “hot” tactics. Major League Fishing pro Jeff Sprague thinks this is a mistake and always has a Texas rig at the ready. He revisits the technique by sharing the basic tackle setup, how to rig it up, and several tips to improve your success on different types of water.


Few baits are as weedless as a properly rigged Texas-rigged worm. Sprague emphasizes the importance of rigging it straight to come through cover clean and streamlined without spinning. When it comes to working the bait, it’s not about hopping it all the time — dragging a Texas rig through and over cover is a powerful and overlooked trigger.

Changing plastics is a fast way to transform the system into an entirely new presentation. What plastic you use depends on the time of year, water clarity, and how much fishing pressure. Fishing clear water? Sprague prefers a subtle and natural worm with minimal appendages. He’ll experiment with bulkier baits in dirtier water. Lastly, he shares his preferred rod, reel, and line setup for a high hookup to land ratio.