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How To Catch GIANT Prespawn Channel Catfish

How To Catch GIANT Prespawn Channel Catfish

Channel catfish are widely distributed throughout North America and easily accessible to both bank and boat fisherman. Armed with a little knowledge, they’re also eager biters of basic tackle, put up an excellent fight and make a fine meal to boot. This video provides you the basic river location and equipment knowhow to consistently catch trophy-sized channel catfish.

Forrest Leitch and Ben Olson of Hang Loose Outdoors have formulated some solid super tanker catfish patterns fishing the world-class Red River of the North. Forrest shares some pointers on selecting and rigging the best cut bait and why native and fresh-cut live bait reins supreme.

This river rat duo go on to share a variety of locations where big cats can be found throughout the year. Side imaging is a powerful tool for locating and defining bottom subtleties such as depth changes, current breaks and fish-holding snags. Bottom variables and current river conditions play heavily in success, so Forrest and Ben make use a USGS smartphone app to closely monitor river conditions and predict when the best bite will occur for these prespawn giants. These same principles are applicable throughout the channel catfish range.


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