How To Catch GIANT Prespawn Channel Catfish

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Channel catfish are widely distributed throughout North America and easily accessible to both bank and boat fisherman. Armed with a little knowledge, they’re also eager biters of basic tackle, put up an excellent fight and make a fine meal to boot. This video provides you the basic river location and equipment knowhow to consistently catch trophy-sized channel catfish.

Forrest Leitch and Ben Olson of Hang Loose Outdoors have formulated some solid super tanker catfish patterns fishing the world-class Red River of the North. Forrest shares some pointers on selecting and rigging the best cut bait and why native and fresh-cut live bait reins supreme.

This river rat duo go on to share a variety of locations where big cats can be found throughout the year. Side imaging is a powerful tool for locating and defining bottom subtleties such as depth changes, current breaks and fish-holding snags. Bottom variables and current river conditions play heavily in success, so Forrest and Ben make use a USGS smartphone app to closely monitor river conditions and predict when the best bite will occur for these prespawn giants. These same principles are applicable throughout the channel catfish range.