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How to Catch More Fry Guarders from Dock Posts

Bass fishing for fry guarders is an excellent way to catch numbers of bass throughout the late spring. You’ll catch the occasional big fish every now and again, but if you’re looking for lots of hooksets and fun with your buddies, this technique is difficult to beat. Wired2fish staffer Walker Smith makes a concerted effort to dissect boat docks during this window. Not only do the fry tend to hang around the posts, but the deck of the boat dock also provides them with added safety from airborne predators.

Although you can certainly catch fry guarders on a myriad of bass fishing lures, Walker believes a wacky-rigged stick worm is the most effective presentation. Anglers of all skill levels can skip these weightless worms into hard-to-reach areas and the slow, undulating fall of the stick worm proves hard for a bass to resist. With the male bass normally situated below the suspended ball of fry and looking upward, this slow, tantalizing fall is a tried and true fish catcher.