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Catching Giant Crappie in Standing Timber with Slick Jigging Tricks

Publisher, Jason Sealock recently shared a boat with YouTube and ACC Crappie Stix pro Charlie Burrow on Lake O the Pines in Texas and learned how Burrow fishes year round on standing timber for giant Texas crappie.

Things like jig size and combination, adding weight to get the jig down fast, line choices, rod handling, electronics, finding the channels and having a hunting mentality have helped Burrow really perfect fishing for the biggest crappie in the lakes he fishes around Texas and Louisiana. He shows how he works a jig sometimes vertical and sometimes swinging it down through the fish. Burrow has spent years fishing the stumps and trees on Pines long before there was Livescope.

These days, he hunts through the sea of trees a lot quicker with Livescope, and then works on matching his jig’s behavior to the mood of the crappie. Holding the jig in the fish’s strike zone, you can see a lot of the bites on the ACC Crappie Stix, and they had no problem swinging fish over 2-pounds in this video.

Burrow shared his approach and then had Jason come up on the deck and whack on a bunch of big Texas white and black crappies with him on a calm afternoon. Enjoy the fishing fun in this video as they tell stories and cut up while smacking a bunch of big crappie for a local church fish fry.

Burrow has a really good YouTube channel if you like crappie fishing and want to get better with your electronics. Click here to follow Go Fish with Charlie Burrow on Youtube.

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