Proven Bladed Swim Jig Tips for Fishing Shallow Grass

A bladed jig is one of the best tools to catch bass relating to grass patches. Pro bass angler Bill McDonald shares several tips ranging from making the best casts, time of year considerations, bait and trailer recommendations, how to catch the most fish from a productive area, and his preferred bladed jig rod setup.


Like many productive moving baits, defecting the lure off of cover or structure is key to generating reaction strikes. McDonald explains the power of finding these defection generators using Garmin LiveScope in conjunction with a quality bladed jig and shad-imitating trailer. Drop the shallow water anchors when you get bit so you can thoroughly fan cast the area. Consider trying a different tactic like swimming a worm before leaving a fish holding area.


As with most tactics, tweaks to your retrieve will tell you what the bass want. Along those lines, experiment with different trailer styles and bait and trailer colors to dial the bite. We like McDonald’s strategy for color, though — use light or dark colors. White and chartreuse or green pumpkin are proven performers anywhere.

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