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The Best All-around Smallmouth Bass Presentation?

Most top bass anglers rank the drop shot as the best all-around smallmouth bass presentation. We caught up with Mark Zona to learn more about power drop shot rigging, his preferred way to cover water and trigger reaction strikes for smallmouth bass.


Zona discusses behavioral differences between largemouth and smallmouth bass, namely the latter’s propensity for roaming in search of forage. Common sense explains why power drop shot rigging usually outproduces traditional ‘slow and subtle’ rigging; heavier weights let you fish fast while fluke-style plastics resemble a wide-range of forage.

“Z” shares his favorite drop shot bait and sizes, preferred hook and hooking method, and how heavier weights in the 1/2- to 3/4-ounce range let you impart more dramatic bait actions. These tips add up to more bass in your boat.

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