A Guide to Bass Fishing Spoons

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There is surprisingly a lot of variety in bass fishing spoons. We would classify them in four groups that include the following:

  • Casting Spoons
  • Slop Spoons
  • Jigging Spoons
  • Flutter Spoons

Casting spoons, as the name implies, includes all the spoons designed to be casted and simply reeled back to the boat. This isn’t as popular in bass fishing as it is with other species of fish but it can work to catch bass in certain situations.

Slop spoons generally consist of a smaller cupped spoon with a single hook, often with a weedguard molded into the spoon itself that can be fish over and through vegetation. Anglers will sometimes add a single curl tail or worm to the spoon to give it a more lively profile as it wobbles through thick cover. Again this spoon has waned in popularity over the years but can still be an effective way to catch bass around heavy vegetation.

Jigging spoons are actually molded lead with spoon like finishes and treble hooks attached that are meant for fishing vertically in deep water like during the winter. The mimic dying or struggling shad, erratic shad. They can be equally effective during the summer when bass go deep looking for cooler water temps. Most will fish a chrome spoon, but don’t be afraid to try a white spoon on those overcast gloomy days.

Good Resources on Bass Fishing Spoons:

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And finally the most popular variety as of late would be flutter spoons, or structure spoons as they are sometimes referred to. These heavy, oversized spoons often measure 4 or 5 inches in length and can weigh more than an ounce. They are cast out to deep offshore spots and hopped up and allowed to slink on slack or semi-slack line to emulate a struggling or dying baitfish. They are often very large which also often results in some big bass bites. We have caught bass to 9-pounds on these big spoons. They have become popular options on lakes with bass that congregate in big, competitive schools on offshore ledges.

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