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Sixgill Myakka Series Casting Rod Review

I’ve heard a lot about Sixgill products over the years from several trusted friends and very talented anglers. I take their words seriously but until recently, I haven’t really had an opportunity to give ‘em a fair shot for myself around my local fisheries. I was able to try a Sixgill Myakka Series Casting Rod for the past few months, however, and I’ve been quite impressed by its performance. 

If you’re anything like me, newer brands and names make me raise an eyebrow because I’m pretty old school when it comes to stuff like this. If I’ve used a certain brand for decades and it hasn’t failed me, I normally don’t see a reason to change. As they always say, if it ain’t broken, there’s no need to fix it.

But by gosh, I’m thankful I tried something new this time. I didn’t know much about this brand but the Myakka Casting Rod has been a joy to fish with lately. If you’re in the market for something new and not wanting to take a second mortgage on your house, this is a fishing rod you might want to consider. 

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Impressive balance

The balance of fishing rods is a very understated characteristic, in my opinion. A rod can be the lightest in the world but if you put a reel on it and it feels like a cinderblock in your hand, there’s no sense in fishing with it. Within an hour or two you’re going to start feeling forearm and shoulder fatigue and it’s only going to get worse the more you fish. 

Fortunately, the Sixgill Myakka Series Casting Rod is a very balanced option when combined with a mid-weight baitcasting reel. It’s not too tip-heavy which is a common issue with many newer rods, so Sixgill did a really good job with this in my opinion. 

Sensitivity matters

Although this rod feels great in your hands, it doesn’t really mean much if you can’t feel a bite. That might sound obvious, but I’ve tested a bunch of reels in the past few years that feel like a feather and fish like a brick, if that makes sense. Whenever you get one of those subtle, post-frontal bites, you can hardly feel it. Why spend a bunch of money on a rod if you can’t detect the slight bites that might matter? I caught a 13-pounder once and it was one of the lightest bites I’ve ever had. I don’t say that to gloat but rather to reiterate the importance of a sensitive bass fishing rod. 

In this newer iteration of the Sixgill Myakka Series Casting Rod, Sixgill made a change to the reel seat that allows for direct blank contact throughout the entire retrieve. So whether you’re dragging a Texas rig, winding a squarebill or bombing a football jig on a deep road bed, you’ll be really impressed by how much you can feel. You’ll feel small changes in bottom composition and those subtle bites without any issues. 

Aesthetics for a common guy like me

I know a lot of folks like those flashy, bright-colored rods out there. I’m certainly not against them by any means but I just prefer a sharp, relatively normal-looking rod blank whenever I have the choice. I don’t really want my front deck looking like somebody spilled a pack of Skittles on it. To each their own, but I like to keep it simple. 

This is a really sharp looking bass fishing rod but they didn’t try too hard, if that makes any sense. A dark-black rod blank accented by notes of deep royal blue make this one of the more handsome rods in my collections. Paired with the sharp-looking Sixgill logo located above the foregrip and you’re dealing with a high-end look for a reasonable price point. 

Another look at the blank and Fuji Micro Guides

I included this picture because I wanted everyone to see exactly how much blank contact is offered with this rod. I guess it might depend on how you prefer to grip a fishing rod but when I fish with the Sixgill Myakka Series Casting Rod Review, three of my fingers are in direct contact with the blank. Whether you’re fishing bottom-contact or moving baits, you’ll find this to be a huge advantage. 

I’ve been super impressed with the Fuji Micro Guides that Sixgill decided to include on this rod series. Not only are they lightweight and reduce the overall weight of the rod but they’re also really durable. This may not be a huge deal to everyone reading this but it’s huge to me. Not only do I throw my rods into the bed of my pickup truck and hit local ponds, but I also keep ‘em on the front deck of my boat while I fish with friends; after a while, they’re bound to get stepped on. I’ve had a bunch of line guides broken and smashed over the years. 

I’ll confidently say, however, that the Fuji Mico Guides add an extra layer of durability and I have a single issue in regards to durability. 

Final impressions

I’ve really enjoyed having the opportunity to try a new fishing rod brand and I’ve certainly become a fan. There are a lot of barriers to entry for new fishing rods within this industry but I really think Sixgill is doing a fine job at overcoming them. Without spending too much money, the Sixgill Myakka Series Casting Rod Review gives you the opportunity to own a high-class fishing rod. 

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