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A Look at the VMC Finesse Neko Hook

Straight shank bass hooks have become the go-to flipping and pitching hook style for many bass anglers yet they’re underutilized in drop shot fishing. Jacob Wheeler gives us a detailed look at the VMC Finesse Neko Hook, and why a straight shank hook with a keeper is the best thing going when it comes to drop shot rigging finesse plastics (exposed hook and Texas rigged).

The Finesse Neko Hook locks baits in place with its adjustable fluorocarbon keeper. This makes threading plastics feasible instead of being limited to nose hooking… threading has the benefit of shifting the hook position further back in the bait, which increases the chance of a fish getting the hook on the take.

Lastly, Wheeler shows us when and how to perfectly Texas rig a drop shot finesse worm, and why you should consider this setup around brush piles and other cover elements over a traditional Texas rig presentation.