Seth Feider’s Fall Lure Shopping List

Seth Feider prefers simplifying his tackle roster for each season to a handful of key lures. He shares his favorite largemouth bass baits for the late summer through fall months and ties each setup to distinct water temperature ranges. Think of this video as your customized shopping list. Regarding shopping, click here to register for a chance for you and a buddy to win $5000 each and shop with Seth Feider at the Omnia Warehouse!

While smallmouth exhibit a wide range of lure preferences in the fall, northern strain largemouth are simple by comparison. With spinning setups packed, Feider rigs select casting setups with a mix of bottom contact and moving baits, all with big profiles and compact bodies. It’s not surprising then that jigs are his all-around favorite, but Texas rigs, frogs, crankbaits, and bladed jigs have their time and place.

Feider discusses when to use each bait based on water temperature and other factors such as water clarity and available cover. He also shares his go-to rod, reel, and line setup for each presentation.

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