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How to Tie the San Diego Jam Knot


The San Diego Jam Knot is often confused with the Uni knot because of it’s wrapping nature around two lines. However, the knots are quite different as the Uni Knot wraps inside of a loop and the Jam wraps outside of two side by side lines. When you see the pros on video spinning a lure around in a circle as they tie their knot, you are seeing them tie a San Diego Jam.

How To Tie – Step by Step

1. Pass the line through the eyelet and run the tag end parallel to the main line.

2. Loop it around and start wrapping the tag end around itself and the mainline back down towards the eyelet 7 times.

3. Take the tag end and run it back up through the loop created at the top of the knot.

4. Wet the knot and slowly pull it tight by pulling the tag end and then the tag and mainline together.

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