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A Simple Loop Knot for Fishing Everything

Jonathan Newton ties a quick loop knot in this short fishing tip video. Check out our Fishing Knot Guide for more tips on other great knots for bass fishing and all freshwater fishing.

One question I get asked frequently is how to tie a loop knot. I tie it on like a wake bait like we’re fishing here in the fall. It’s real simple though; you go through one time like this. Get you about 12 or 14 inches of tag line or more and hold the tag in right here. Grip it in the center, do 2 twists and back through and then pull. What I like to do is I position this, these two separate right here, I just position them on top of the eye like this and just work them down real slow, pull individually on each one until you get the length loop that you want and then you have a loop knot. It’s simple. Then you cut the tag line and you’re ready to go.