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How to Tie the Rapala Loop Knot


Loop knots give you a good alternative for topwater baits that don’t have split rings. You can allow the bait to move side to side more with a loop knot and lets baits walk that don’t ordinarily walk well. The Rapala Knot is a fairly popular loop knot for bigger lures and you can manage how small your loop is easily with this loop knot.

How to Tie the Rapala Knot:

1. Tie a half knot about 3 inches up from your tag end.

2. Pass the tag end through the eyelet, then through the open half hitch.

3. Wrap up the line 3-5 times.

4. Pass the tag end back through the half hitch.

5. Slowly cinch your wraps and half hitch together to secure the knot.


You can control how big your loop is by how small you make it when you pass your line back up through the half hitch after going through the eyelet. The key is to make it small because it will slip a little larger as you tighten the half hitch and the wraps together.

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