Catch More Shallow Fall Bass with Jigs and Crankbaits

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Renowned bass pro Scott Suggs often leaves offshore bass for shallower creek arm fish during the late summer and fall months. Suggs explains how to find shallow fish-holding areas with your lures instead of fish finders, then catch several bass from the school by changing up baits and retrieve styles.


Suggs is a proponent of starting on “test spots,” that is, known fish-holding areas that reveal what the bass want to eat. He then starts combing creek arm drains with a wobble head jig and worm combo to find hard patches, which bass tend to frequent throughout the fall months.

Once he finds and catches a few, he reaches for a lipless crankbait and starts experimenting with different retrieves until the fish show a clear preference. And don’t leave fish to find fish. Suggs recommends milking a good spot by changing up baits and casting angles until every inch of water is covered.