Fall Reel Lubrication Pro Tip

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Lucas Marine has been in the engine performance business for decades. Their lower unit lube M80 is a go-to for high performance outboards and keeps the gear case running smooth. Their new semi-synthetic two-stroke oil has a proven track record on the elite levels of bass fishing. Their ethanol treatment called Safeguard protects marine engines from the harmful effects of ethanol blended fuels.

In the last year or so, they introduced their Fishing Reel Oil that has been getting rave reviews from both fresh and saltwater anglers. Their Fishing Reel Oil is a blend of oil and additives specifically designed for all moving parts in both freshwater and saltwater reels. It is also formulated to provide corrosion protection even in the most adverse conditions. A specially designed needle applicator allows for easy one-drop placement in tough to reach locations. 

Fall is a great time to give your reels the once over and a good shot of lubrication will keep them cranking like new. It works on all reel types and will help provide longer casts and add to the life of the reel. Lucas Fishing Reel Oil exceeds industry performance requirements and the 1-ounce bottle will last even the most die-hard angler for years. 

Lucas Fishing Reel Oil can be found at Tackle Warehouse and retails for $5.99 per bottle. http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Lucas_Oil_Fishing_Reel_Oil_1oz/descpage-LUCASFR.html/from=w2fish.