Fall Bass Fishing on Small Lakes [VLOG]

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Terry Bolton and I are back on the lake in part two of our Fall Bass Fishing on Small Lakes (watch Part 1 here). This has been one of the most unseasonably warm Fall seasons on record here in Kentucky, and it made figuring out the fishing a little more of a challenge. The bass aren’t doing what they necessarily normally do in the fall. At least they weren’t in October when this was filmed. Or they are not doing it for as long each day. So we were forced to keep bouncing back and forth between shallow and deep. Changing from faster moving presentations to slower more methodical presentations until we connected with better fish.

We were able to take what we learned earlier in the in the morning and expand on it. We continued moving back and forth between shallow and deep areas and figured out how to catch a better quality of bass by modifying our presentations, watching visible fish and following them from their shallow morning feed out to deeper cover.  

Both Terry and I walk through what we tried, what worked, some of our expectations and how we had to modify presentations to catch the better fish. As per usual, there were a few moments that kept us guessing and got us excited. 

Tackle seen in this video: