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Basic Lipless Crankbait Tips for Fall Bank Beating

With so many excellent fall bass fishing baits, it’s easy to forget about some of the classics. The lipless crankbait is one of those thanks to its versatility and fish-triggering ability. Wired2fish’s Kyle Peterson explains how to fish rattling lipless crankbaits around shoreline cover (wood, rock and weeds) during the fall cool down.


Despite having exposed treble hooks, you can fish well-designed lipless crankbaits (ones with a nose-down approach) around snaggy cover like wood and rock with minimal fouling. Peterson doesn’t cast to the heart of the thick stuff; instead, he feathers the edges to reduce snagging. Bait characteristics such as sound (rattling versions) coupled with vibration quickly draw fish out and trigger reaction strikes.

Lipless crankbaits might be the most efficient subsurface hard bait for covering water fast, but you can temper the lure’s retrieve speed and action. Rapid changes in fall water temperatures require you to examine and adjust your retrieve speed and cadence. Generally speaking, slow your retrieve in colder water. Like any crankbait, impart action and speed changes through a kick of the reel handle or rip of the rod tip.

Cast to the bank starting with your rod tip high, then follow the contours out with a gradual lowering of the rod. Hang on!