5 Best Baitfish Lures for Fall Bass Fishing

A big key to fall bass fishing is what is happening with the baitfish. Shad is a well-distributed type of baitfish, but you see the same thing with smelt, minnows and other various types of forage where they migrate out of deep water, up the creeks and eventually get to the backs of the creeks. Choosing the right bass lures that mimic forage is a best bet in the fall cooldown.

Jeff Sprague’s 5 Key Fall Bass Fishing Lures include the following: 

  1. Topwater walking bait 
  2. Jerkbait 
  3. Lipless rattle bait 
  4. Shallow crankbait 
  5. Vibrating swim jig 

Picking five lures that mimic baitfish, Jeff Sprague has settled on his staples for bass fishing in the fall months in Texas. But he has found that these bass lures work all over the country when the water is cooling and fish are moving shallow to feed heavily. He goes through each one thoroughly as to when and where he will fish each and how they make bass react in certain situations you will find all over the country in the fall.

Fishing Tackle Shown in this video:

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