Using Mapping to Make Spot-on-Spot Casts

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Mapping has become an indispensable tool in finding fish holding structure, but also in how to position your boat in relation to it for making those perfect casts. Ryan walks us through a very specific scenario where bass are setup just off of 18′ – the deep weedline on this lake. The goal is to make far reaching casts parallel to the structure in 19′ – 20′, keeping the lure in the strike zone for the longest amount of time possible while not fowling in the deep grass. When used in conjunction, Humminbird’s Shallow Water and Depth Highlight bring the outer weedline to life visually, and allow for that perfect cast every time. The mapping system demonstrated here works anytime bass are relating to a specific depth, and allows you to run the same pattern throughout the body of water you’re fishing. 

Equipment Used: