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Bank Fishing BFS Micro Cranks for Bull Bluegills

I have taken a liking to all the cool new finesse products being developed for the bait finesse system (BFS) which basically entails using specially designed baitcasting combos geared to throw ultra light lures with distance and precision. While traveling recently, I took my BFS travel kit with me. I got on a really good prespawn bluegill bite a couple evenings before dinner bank fishing BFS cranks on the following BFS setup:

BFS Rod: Tsurinoya Dragon 6-foot UL BFS casting rod
BFS Reel: Tsurinoya Dark Wolf Ultra BFS casting reel
Micro Lure: Tsurinoya Sentry 40S Minnow
Braided Line: Varivas Avani Light Game Super Premium

With that little setup, I was able to catch a pile of slab bluegills on a local neighborhood lake near where I was staying. For exploring small bodies of water and being nimble while bank or wade fishing, BFS offers a lot of advantages. Once you learn how to cast the unique baitcasting combos with ultralight baits, you will be getting maximum distance with small lures. The tackle packs can fit in your pocket and the rod is a two piece that can fit in a bag or in a vehicle easily when you travel.

The 8-pound Varivas braid gives you incredible sensitivity and distance. I was fairly blown away by how well the Sentry 40S scoured the bottom and hooked up with dozens of big bluegills in a couple evenings of fishing just before supper. Jason has been BFS fishing for crappie for more than a year, but just started expanding it out to bass and bluegill and this year will also add trout, white bass and shell crackers to the mix. So it’s been a fun journey learning about the the various rod and reel and the huge market of micro finesse baits for bait finesse fishing.

We are working on a full Bait Finesse System Guide to get you up to speed fast, but enjoy this fun video for now. And let us know if you want to see more of this content. If you’re a BFS guy already, what is your favorite setup and lure for bluegills?

We covered casting, retrieves, knot and line management, hooksets and more in this fun bank fishing BFS video for catching magnum bluegills.