Why You Should Fish Heavy ChatterBaits for Fall Bass

Cooling fall water temperatures often relocate bass toward deeper hard-bottom areas where they’re a sucker for big bottom baits. Rather than relying solely on traditional skirted jigs (football or otherwise), Wired2Fish’s Ryan DeChaine has become a huge fan of using the heaviest bladed jigs available to dredge deep-water haunts. Specifically speaking, the Z-Man ChatterBait JackHammer in the 1-1/4 ounce size is a phenomenal tool for rocketing to the bottom (huge trigger) while maintaining bottom contact throughout the retrieve. Similar to a swinging jig (wobble head), you’re able to trigger aggressive reaction strikes by deflecting the ChatterBait along the bottom and off of cover like rocks and wood. As a bonus, the hook is always upright, so it stays super-sharp and free from snags while alighted perfectly for excellent hooking percentages.

TACKLE USED (additional links below):

DeChaine explains how he uses 360 Imaging to make accurate spot-on-the-spots casts and adjust casting angles to catch a few more fish from any give spot. To keep the ChatterBait tight to the bottom, DeChaine prefers a smaller diameter fluorocarbon fishing line in the 14-pound range over the more traditional 17- or 20-pound line. He also explains his preference for a heavier power, less parabolic rod when fishing this heavy presentation.



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