3 Reasons ChatterBaits are a Dominant Bass Fishing Lure

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The ChatterBait bladed jig has quickly become one of the most productive tournament baits of all time thanks to its fish-triggering ability and extreme versatility. Pro bass angler, Brett Hite, is one of the ChatterBait OGs and credits the bait to over 1 million dollars in tournament winnings. He shares the top 3 reasons why ChatterBaits excel for the average angler to tournament pro, the best gear for fishing the bait (rod, reel, line, and trailers), and the biggest avoidable mistake that leads to lost fish.


Hite equates ChatterBait action to a lipless and squarebill crankbait combined – a tight wiggle and intense vibration coupled with excellent deflection characteristics is a proven trigger for bass. But unlike trebled baits, you can fish ChatterBaits in cover types and depths you can’t effectively fish other reaction baits. Whether you’re an experienced ChatterBait angler or new to the technique, you’re bound to find some useful and interesting information in this video.

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