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How to Fish Heavy ChatterBaits for Big Offshore Bass

The ChatterBait Jack Hammer bladed jig has established itself as one of the best bass fishing lures due to its ability to trigger bass throughout the country and in most environments. While most often fished in shallow water, 3/4- and 1-1/4 ounce versions allow the Jack Hammer to excel in water as deep as 30 feet. Wired2Fish caught up with ChatterBait expert, Brett Hite, for a detailed tutorial on how to fish heavy ChatterBaits in offshore environments for big bass relating to flats, ledges and even deep grass. 


Delivering the seductive sound, vibration and profile of the Jack Hammer affixed with a Yamamoto Zako in deeper water is a new look for bass conditioned to traditioned offshore lures like crankbaits, swimbaits, spoons, drop shot and Neko rigs. As Hite notes, the heavy bladed jig stays glued to the bottom throughout the cast, whereas crankbaits readily lose bottom contact. The single upturned hook stays sharp and delivers excellent hooking and retention and fishes relatively clean through grass.

Hite discusses the importance of trailer selection, opting for ones in the 4-inch range. He alternates between straight forked-tail trailers for profile and subtle action and paddle tail swimbaits when bass want more action. Lastly, Hite shares his preferred rod, reel and line setup for fishing bladed jigs with maximum efficiency. *A shout out to Lake Baccarac Lodge for the incredible fishing, accommodations, and hospitality.