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5 ChatterBait Variations You Need to Try Bass Fishing With

If you fish bass, you’re likely familiar with the bladed jig lure category. More specifically, ChatterBaits manufactured and sold by Z-Man Fishing Products. Bladed jigs like the Original ChatterBait and ChatterBait JackHammer have accounted for countless tournament wins dating back to original baits brought to market by Ron Davis Jr. in the late 1990s. Wired2fish contributor Cory Schmidt shares five lesser-known and a few new ChatterBait designs that will expand your bass fishing opportunities.

  1. Big Blade ChatterBait. Sporting a blade 70% larger than the original, the Big Blad ChatterBait is built for maximum vibration and water displacement. A new ICAST 2021 release, it’s reasonable to expect the Big Blade ChatterBait to excel for big fish, in limited visibility situations, and when bass are feeding on plus-sized baitfish.
  2. ChatterBait MiniMax. This little guy lives opposite the size spectrum yet still delivers the same blade to jig head contact clacking sound. You can burn the MiniMax and, based on prototype testing, excels for pressured bass, in clear water situations, or when smaller forage is on the menu.
  3. ChatterBait WillowVibe. Ron Davis Jr. developed the WillowVibe for open water applications such were an underspin might be used. A conventional jig with a refined willow leaf blade attached, the WillowVide performs well with light casting or spinning gear and can be fished at various depths with just about any finesse plastic.
  4. CrossEyeZ ChatterBait. The CrossEyeZ ChatterBait has the same head design as the CrossEyeZ Flippin’ Jig and features a 2-pronged brush guard that delivers excellent hook protection around hard cover. Use it when fishing standing timber, laydowns, brush piles, and docks.
  5. ChatterBait JackHammer StealthBlade. Bladed jig expert, Brett Hite, wanted a more refined ChatterBait for clear water and high fishing pressure situations. The StealthBlade has a clear blade for reduced flash and vibration and a more compact size overall.