The Best Rod for ChatterBaits | Fiberglass vs. Graphite

ChatterBaits are one of the most popular bass fishing lures on the market. Yet, there’s still disagreement on the best rod action and material to fish them. So what is the best rod for fishing ChatterBaits? It’s subjective — there are many contrasting opinions on the subject, and it comes down to personal preference. Professional angler Cody Hahner breaks down his rod choice and why he prefers fishing ChatterBaits with a fiberglass rod.


For Hahner, a graphite rod is just a little too sensitive, prompting the switch to fiberglass. The reduced sensitivity of fiberglass delivers a more delayed bite response than graphite, allowing bass slightly more time to get the bait deeper in the mouth. The switch to “glass” often produces deeper hooked bass (in the mouth) rather than outer lip or skin hooked fish.

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