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ChatterBait Blade Colors | What it Looks Like Underwater

Sometimes getting bites on pressured bass fishing lakes comes down to small details like the color of your blade while fishing a ChatterBait. Professional angler Tom Redington gives us a quick breakdown with underwater video so you can form your own opinions of when and where to use different blade and skirt color combinations when fishing with a ChatterBait.


When you look at blade color, consider color and flash. Sometimes flash is needed and sometimes a more subtle vibration without flash gets more bites. Redington explains how, at times, the painted blade will make the jig less visible than the two metallic color options. This can be the ticket when the fish are a little more pressured, and you want to call less attention to your ChatterBait.

The possible combinations of blade, skirt, and trailer colors are endless. Redington lets water color dictate the overall color combination of his ChatterBait. From translucent and white combinations in clear water or shad spawn conditions to adding some color and contrast in dirty or stained water conditions. Ultimately the fish will determine which options produce best on a given fishing trip.