Jewel Jolt Review

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Interestingly enough, nighttime is one of the better times to catch really big bass but very few people fish in the dark. I have a lot of acquaintances in the fishing community who are avid big bass hunters and they all have similar stories about their biggest bass coming at night. A nighttime spinnerbait is one of the better tools to catch big fish in the dark. But their are some common issues with some nighttime spinnerbaits that can sometimes make it a hassle.

I finally stumbled onto a spinnerbait that solved a lot of problems with night fishing that had the features to alleviate the common hassles with catching big bass in the dark. The Jewel Jolt spinnerbait incorporated all the features needed in a premium nighttime or muddy water spinnerbait.

Wires Closed

The biggest deal with a nighttime spinnerbait is you can’t easily see when something is off with the spinnerbait. If you fish the R Bend type spinnerbaits, you will sometimes have your knot slip down out of the R-Bend. I also have had issues with blades getting flung off more at night.

Generally that’s because the end of the wire is not closed all the way and a big Colorado blade on a spinnerbait thumps so hard it can open it just a hair more so the swivel slides out. 

With the Jewel Jolt, both the line tie of the spinnerbait and the end of the blade arm are wrapped closed. So the spinnerbait is not going to give you any issues in the dark.

Add Rattles

A big part of nighttime fishing for me is rattles. I use a NetBait Paca Craw a lot as a night time trailer because the claws flap, but more importantly because you can stuff a rattle inside of it. The Jewel Jolt has a skirt collar that you can add jig rattles to easily. 

Blade big and clear coated

The Jewel Jolt also features an oversized deep cupped Colorado blade that is clear coated with a flashy black nickel finish with prism tape added to one side of the blade for added contrast and flicker effect. The blades thump awesome. I can feel what the spinnerbait is doing at ultra slow speeds, crawled on the bottom over stumps and logs. It employs a high-quality swivel so the blade is sure to turn at slower speeds.

Good Profile

The arm length, bigger blade and bulky skirt make this a great nighttime profile. It works equally well on cloudy days in muddy water. This profile coupled with the vibration and rattle give the bass something to hone in on in all water conditions.


I don’t night fish as much as I used to but when I do anymore, the Jewel Jolt is in my hand probably 80% of the time. I’ve had some killer nights on Table Rock, Kentucky Lake, Dale Hollow and even in smaller ponds and lakes I fish on occasion and when traveling. The last time I fished on Kentucky Lake at night, I had one of my best bags of the summer on the Jolt.

You can find the Jewel Jolt in three different colors and three different sizes at the following online retailers: