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Build the Perfect Spinnerbait Accessory Box from Old Lures

Terry Bolton has accomplished a lot in bass fishing tournaments with a spinnerbait in his hand. Over the years he’s retired a lot of his spinnerbaits but he’s also salvaged everything he could off of each one to build an impressive spinnerbait box. 

Nicknamed “Blade” by the media folks at FLW years back, Bolton knows that the right blade, head and size matter to the situation you are fishing. He talks about what he keeps and shows us how he’s built such a handy box that lets him customize any spinnerbait on the fly to fit exactly what he wants the lure to do for the place and cover he’s fishing. 

Tackle Storage: Plano 3700 Waterproof Deep 

Old Spinnerbait parts: 

  • Willow blades
  • Colorado blades
  • Swivels
  • Clevis
  • Beads
  • Spacer sleeves