Ranger Boats: Inside the Pultrusion Process

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I remember my grandma saying it’s the inside that counts when talking about people. 

The same can be true with boats. At Ranger Boats, they work every bit as hard on the inside and underside of their boats as they do the glossy exteriors.

One-piece feel, structural integrity and exceeding Coast Guard ratings for level floatation is just part of it. Included is top-of-the-line fiberglass matte and woven, the best-in-industry resin and state-of-the-art pultrusion transoms and components. These things are what makes Rangers stand out in a crowd.

Most of the innovations at Ranger started there and are unique to Ranger. Their pultrusion process is a prime example of that innovation. Poltrusion is a unique laminate that has a high concentration of fiberglass and very little resin. It is compressed and heated and each part built has specific locations where it is used for loads and rigidity. Of course, the main use of this material is for the transom and gussets associated with the rear of the boat and to support an engine. 


Throughout the interior and underside of the boat, pultrusion parts are also used. This laminate strengthens areas but is also used to allow screws for handles, lids and accessories to stay in place and hold.  For example, below the top deck where the trolling motor is placed is a section of pultrusion that gives strength to that install. Other locations like under seats, along stringers and under a Hot Foot location it is used as well. Reinforcement for decking and hinges are also locations in which this product is used.

The machine that produces the multilayered part was designed and built by Ranger staff. It is cut by high-powered computerized water jets for parts and each part follows tight tolerances.


It is indeed the little things that separates the great fiberglass boats from the good ones and pultrusion at Ranger Boats is a differentiator.