Use Fuel Stabilizer before Storing Your Boat

If you store your boat for the winter and still have fuel in your tank it’s imperative to add fuel stabilizer to that remaining fuel. 

There’s a lot of discussion regarding whether anglers should drain the fuel from the tank or use an additive instead—it actually depends on what type of tank you have. I have found filling the permanent fixed tank in my boat and using a good fuel stabilizer is the best option. I have never had a problem as a result. Remote tanks can be drained, but I always add a couple of ounces to the empty tank to keep deposits and gum from building up in the tank.

There are a lot of stabilizers on the market but for the last several years I have had really good luck with Lucas Fuel Stabilizer for my boats, lawn mowers, pressure washers and ATVs. 

It works in concert with the gasoline in the tank to assure it will not break down while being stored. The beauty of this product is it works equally well in 2 and 4-cycle engines and is simple to use. One ounce per gallon of gas and you are ready to put the boat in storage. It cleans, lubricates and maintains carbs, fuel pumps, fuel injectors and compression rings, too. It can be used in all grades of gasoline.

Before storing simply pour the proper amount in the tank, let the engine idle for a few minutes and shut it off. Pretty simple. 

When spring rolls around you will have the peace of mind to know that your engine will run just like it did the year prior. No fuel problems!

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