Pro-Tec Showroom Conditioner Review

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I’ve never really viewed bass fishing as a fashion show, to be honest. My boat is my work vehicle and I use the heck out of it. It’s 20 years old, it gets dirty and bloody on a regular basis and I’m totally fine with that. I didn’t buy it for a show piece. I bought it because I have work to do.

I do, however, care about protecting and taking care of my investment. I paid for my boat with my own money—no team deals, favors or anything like that—and I plan on keeping it for at least another decade. So I have to make it last and take care of it when I get off the water.

I have tried a lot of spray-on detailers in the 10 years I’ve owned this boat and have been disappointed many times. But you’d be hard pressed to find one better than Pro-Tec Showroom Conditioner. Not only does it make my old boat and trailer shine like a new penny, but it’s also reasonably priced.

If you like to wipe down your boat after a fishing trip, this stuff deserves careful consideration.

Incredibly easy to use

My main complaint with some other spray-on detailers has been the streaks they leave behind. Even with an expensive microfiber cloth, a lot of them will not stop streaking. It has driven me insane for years.

Pro-Tec Showroom Conditioner, however, doesn’t need to be babied once its applied. You don’t have to scrub or wipe until your shoulders burn, either. I use an old bath towel I grabbed from our linen closet. That’s it.

When I get off the water, I’ll back my boat into my shop and walk down each side of my boat while lightly misting it with Showroom Conditioner. There’s no crazy rush to wipe it off in record time to avoid streaking. I’ll turn on a little music, grab the old towel, a cold drink and wipe it off at my own pace. I have been using this product for years and have never noticed a single streak on my boat. This stuff is completely foolproof. 

I use it on my trailer, too

My trailer has seen some serious miles and while it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, Showroom Conditioner has dramatically improved its appearance. I polished the diamond plate on my trailer this winter and this product has kept it remarkably shiny and quickly removed any crud or film from the lake or the road. And no, it does not make your trailer slippery. You can load and unload your boat without any worries.

Every few weeks, I’ll spray down my entire trailer with Showroom Conditioner. It shines the dull spots, and removes road grime and bugs without much scrubbing at all. It probably takes about 10 years off of my trailer’s appearance. 

It will not streak

Perhaps one of my favorite things about Showroom Conditioner is that it will not streak, whether you’re spraying it on your cowling, your fiberglass or your trailer. It was about 100 degrees outside while I was taking these photos and I applied the product in direct sunlight. I really like the fact that all you ever have to do is spray it on and wipe it off. Looking at these photos, you might think I baby my boat, but in reality I wipe it down with this stuff a few times a week. That’s it. 

A little goes a long way

This product really is a good value. One 16-ounce bottle probably lasts me about 3 months on average. As I walk down the side of the boat spraying the Showroom Conditioner, I probably spray it every two feet. That’s all it takes to remove scum lines, mud lines or even dust and dirt particles.

I get a lot of compliments on my 20-year-old boat. I don’t wash it often, I don’t wax it often and I sure as heck don’t baby it. The biggest reason my boat stays so shiny is because of Pro-Tec Showroom Conditioner. That’s the absolute truth.

If you want to shine up your rig, I strongly suggest this stuff.

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