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How to Lubricate Boat and Fishing Tackle

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Your fishing gear takes a beating on the water so a little preventative maintenance goes a long way. Oils and lubricants prevent against corrosion and rust on equipment exposed to the water. Lubricate reels both inside and out annually with special purpose reel oil. A good multi-purpose lubricant has a ton of uses.

Each year, I hit all metal on metal hinge points with a liberal spraying. Metal sport tracks are designed to be high friction points for accessories. Spray the metal channel and accessory to make re-positioning easier. Hit seat bases and pedestals for smooth turning.

Onto the trailer, apply a liberal dousing to tongue latch parts and the winch gearing on a regular basis. And don’t overlook electrical systems. Apply contact cleaner to battery terminal heads, connector wires and your light plug in terminals to prevent corrosive build ups.

So pay attention to these details and keep your gear and your ship running smooth.