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3 Tricks to Keep Critters out of Your Boat


With hunting seasons approaching and a lot of folks storing their boats for the next few months, I think it’s imperative to address the importance of keeping your boat free of pests while in storage. When boats sit for a while, they become a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty critters whether it’s spiders, roaches, mice or even chipmunks. I’m not an expert on any of those species but I definitely know they can screw up your boat in a hurry.

When I graduated college, I moved into a rundown townhouse in a less-than-desirable area because it was all I could afford. I parked my bass boat in the front yard and man, I had all kinds of animals get into that thing. It drove me nuts and I always swore that whenever I could afford a house with a detached garage, I’d be so glad to not deal with those issues again.

Well… my wife and I finally bought that house with a detached garage and I still have issues with critters getting into my boat. I don’t know if it’s the property we live on or what but at first, I could not keep spiders and bugs out of my boat. It’s stored in a finished shop with air conditioning but I swear, I can go fishing for an afternoon, back my boat back into the shop at dark and by the next morning, it’ll look like the boat has been sitting for six months. Spiderwebs cover everything and these tiny spiders will be all over my carpet, seats and sometimes even in my compartments. I keep my shop super clean at all times, so I never really understood why I was having these issues.

I still don’t really understand the cause of the issue but I have definitely come up with some tricks that have fixed the problem. They might sound a little weird but I will personally guarantee that they work and they’re also pretty affordable.