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The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

A Texas rig is probably the longest-standing soft plastic rig, but the wacky rig has become all the rage in recent years because of its ultra lifelike presentation of soft plastics and its ability to get in a fish’s strike zone without spooking them. Consisting of an O-ring, a hook and usually a straight-tail soft plastic, the wacky rig gives you a lot of versatility in a super simple rig. See some of the considerations for the wacky worm rig in this gallery.

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An O-ring tool can help

The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

You can usually wet an O-ring or the bait you want to slide it on and get it on, but with some of the thicker plastics and smaller O-rings, a wacky rigging tool can help. It basically allows you to easily thread an O-ring onto a hollow tool to put over the plastic.

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Slide O-ring up to end and insert plastic

The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

With the soft bait inserted into the tube of the tool, pop the O-ring off onto the plastic. Without a tool, just roll the O-ring up the body of the plastic until it’s close to the middle of the soft stickbait or worm.

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Pop O-ring onto plastic

The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

With the O-ring situated in the middle, the worm will move slightly forward on a twitch but pulse on either end. You can make it quiver in place or pull it up and let it fall again. 

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Rig hook just under O-ring

The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

Take the hook and run it just under the O-ring. You want the O-ring and the hook to be fairly snug together to hold onto the worm when you skip it around cover or under low-hanging shade. It works on spinning tackle, but just as well on baitcasting tackle. We sometimes fish it on medium action baitcasting rods and 12-pound fluorocarbon around heavier cover.

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O-rings, hooks and plastics make for a simple rig, but make sure you have plenty!

The Wacky Rig: How to Rig

A few O-rings, a couple wacky or Neko hooks and a few soft stickbaits or straight worms like the Yamamoto Senko and you’re good to go with a wacky rig. It’s a great bait to have rigged anytime you’re fishing shallow.

Here’s a list of the tackle used in this gallery: