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Scary Boat Accident in Fishing Tournament

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College anglers Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida bass fishing team were ejected from their boat while running to their first spot after blast off at the FLW College Fishing tournament on Lake Seminole this past weekend. According to sources at the event, a locknut came loose on their hydraulic steering which took away the operator’s ability to steer, and they lost control of the boat running nearly 60 mph on pad. It looks in the video like the boat hooked after planing over another’s wake.

Thankfully FLW requires all participants to wear life jackets and kill switches while running.

This is another great reminder about always wearing your life jacket and kill switch. It’s crazy how fast things can go from perfect to terrifying in bass boat at speed. This has happened many times from boats chine walking over other boats’ wakes. This is a good reminder to be safe operators in others wakes as well.

Thankfully neither angler was injured and the footage is some of the most amazing we’ve seen of an on the water accident during a fishing tournament. Please use this scary event as a solemn reminder to wear your safety gear and have your boat’s steering, motor mounts and trailers checked routinely.